Elliott Rewards - Realtor Bonus Club


At Elliott Homes, we believe that our valued Realtor partners deserve a rewarding experience unlike any other. As the leading homebuilder in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area, we’re proud to work alongside Realtors to deliver unsurpassed quality to homebuyers, but also to ensure your achieve success in a fast, easy and fun way. That’s why we’ve created Elliott Rewards Realtor Bonus Club, to help you drive success like never before. Members have exclusive access to events, rewards, special commission rates and competitions. From heart-pumping rewards such as a 2-year lease on a Mercedes C-Class sedan to top-notch social events, we’re making real estate more fun, easy and lucrative.

When you partner with Elliott Homes… it’s all possible




Discover a new type of Realtor Bonus Club, one that is social, fun and engaging. Exciting VIP events and a little friendly competition create vibrant promotions you want to be part of. Have fun, expand your network, and love the work you do. At Elliott Homes, we love to celebrate your success.
  • Fantastic VIP events and promotions that focus on giving you the royal treatment.
  • Regularly updated leader board that let’s you keep track of who’s in the running for top spot.
  • Accolades and Realtor of the Month prizes that reward your hard work selling Elliott Homes.


With Elliott Rewards, we take the idea of the Realtor Bonus to the next level with premium rewards that make your heart race. Imagine driving off in a luxurious Mercedes C-Class or receiving your first 1% of commission early. It’s all possible when you partner with Elliott Homes.

  • 3% Realtor commission on all eligible properties by Elliott Homes and My Cottage Homes.
  • 24-Month lease on Mercedes C-Class sedan when you sell and close 6 properties within a calendar year.
  • 1% Commission Advance within ten days with pre-approval from one of
    our preferred lenders.


Elliott Homes is committed to your success. That’s why we make selling Elliott Homes and collecting Realtor Bonuses 1-2-3 simple with exceptional service. We provide all the latest updates you need to land the sale, make it easy to claim your commission, and help you keep track of your Elliott Homes
sales and bonuses.

  • All the information you need to sell Elliott Homes from our team of Community Managers.
  • Simple online client registration assures you are credited for the sale.
  • Easily track sales and showings online.